One Direction aren't simply in demand with their fans. Turns out another act wants to collaborate with the mega superstars for charity... and it's none other than a fellow boy band!

In a chat with Hollyscoop, the boys of the Wanted revealed that there is no rivalry and they'd actually like to team up for a good cause.

The Wanted's Nathan Sykes admitted, "I think it's very expected from the media always trying to put two bands together and trying to start a rivalry. We have no issue with them whatsoever." It has been established that the two bands from the U.K. get along.

But it's beyond liking and respecting one another. Sykes mused about the possibility of working together, since it could really be a big deal and raise a lot of cash for a charitable cause. “I think the collaboration between the two bands could generate a lot of cash maybe and we would actually be willing to do it for charity," he continued.

That's called using their fame for a good cause.

Jay McGuiness joked that the Wanted would also like to collab with Justin Bieber, which has long been rumored. “I think I would have to rap battle with him and then we’ll see how good he’s doing… who knows,” the singer said.

Charity and rap battles? Those make for good collabs.

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