Hot young British acts Conor Maynard and Rita Ora face off in 'Better Than You,' a track from Maynard's upcoming debut album, 'Contrast.'

The mid-tempo pop song is bolstered by a hip-hop-style groove and intricate electronic instrumentation. Maynard takes on the role of a cocky player who enjoys the attention, but Ora doesn't back down. Maynard sings, "I can tell that you're watching me / And I know you're loving everything that you see / The way I got you goin' crazy / I'll make you wanna dance with me."

Ora retorts, "Take a picture, but you ain't getting 3D / Boy, slow down, come here / So you say that you're better than me? / If I take it all off, bet you like what you see." Maynard, 19, and Ora, 21, have good chemistry, and while there's playful tension, it's obvious their characters both secretly want each other. Since it's Maynard's song, he ultimately gets the last word, but listeners can decided for themselves who really comes out on top.

'Better Than You' is taken from Maynard's forthcoming debut 'Contrast,' which will also include 'Vegas Girl' and 'Can't Say No,' which reached No. 2 in the U.K. 'Contrast' is set for a Oct. 16 release.

Listen to Conor Maynard, 'Better Than You' Feat. Rita Ora