Promising British singer Conor Maynard pulls out all the stops to hunt down a cute girl in his new music video 'Vegas Girl,' which teaches that clumsiness, combined with a bit of persistence, can go a long way.

Maynard walks down the street and bumps into a girl wearing a "Vegas girl" t-shirt. She might have a right to be angry about the incident, but she remains friendly and engages the singer in a bit of conversation. She won't go so far as to give him her phone number, but she does let him snap a picture before she departs.

Most of us in a similar situation would probably post a Missed Connection ad on Craigslist and then move on with our lives. But Maynard has become obsessed with this Vegas girl and goes above and beyond to track her down. He posts her photo on Twitter, prints up flyers and recruits a group of friends and fans to create street art and spread the word that he's after the Vegas girl.

Maynard stands in front of a graffiti-covered wall as he sings the hip-hop-influenced track, name-dropping some of the biggest R&B stars in the world: "I'll knock you down like you're Keri / Forget your name like Rihanna / You can run the world, Queen B / Be unthinkable, Alicia / We can go so far if she let go / And I ain't gonna leave without her."

Finally, Maynard throws a party for his supporters, and the Vegas girl, impressed with the lengths he's gone to find her, shows up to the shindig. The video fades out as Maynard makes his way through the crowd and reaches the woman he's been trying to hunt down for so long.

'Vegas Girl' appears on the 19-year-old's debut album 'Contrast,' which hits retailers in the U.S. on September 18 and features collaborations with Ne-Yo and Rita Ora. Maynard's debut single, 'Can't Say No,' reached No. 2 in the U.K. earlier this year.

Watch the Conor Maynard 'Vegas Girl' Video