Another day, more drama in the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial. Turns out the not-so-good doc may have been using his status as Michael Jackson's personal physician to impress the ladies, but also wound up doing so at the most inopportune time. Several of his girlfriends -- yes, girlfriends, as in plural -- testified today that they spoke to Murray on the very day that Jackson died in June 2009.

Prosecutors dragged out call and text logs that documented Murray's phone activity on June 25. One call was made to Sade Anding, pictured. The waitress met Murray at a Houston steakhouse in '09. Anding and Murray spoke for five minutes before noon on the day the King of Pop passed. She said that she had remained on the line while the doctor had put the phone in his pocket, without hanging up. So it was sort of like a reverse pocket dial. She said she heard mumbling after she realized the doctor had stopped paying attention to her and never actually disconnected the call.

The next call Murray made was to Jackson's assistant and he said the singer had a bad reaction to medication. That indicates that Murray had been on the phone with Anding while Jackson was dying, as opposed to attending to his patient. Prosecutors are accusing Murray of leaving Jackson's side after pumping him with propofol instead of monitoring him. Attending paramedics said the singer was dead for far too long in order for revival to be possible.

reports that several women other than Anding had contact with Murray on that fateful day.

Michelle Bella, who recalled meeting Murray at a club in Las Vegas in 2008, received a text from the doctor, while Bridgette Morgan, the doctor's LA-based girlfriend from 2003 through 2009, also heard from him. Nicole Alvarez, the mother of his son, also spoke to him. Her testimony was more detailed about the Jackson/Murray history. FOX News reports that Murray called her while in the ambulance with Jackson, which was very telling.