Dr. Conrad Murray -- whose decision to administer the anesthetic propofol to Michael Jackson outside of surgical settings has come under intense scrutiny and fire -- showed some emotion during testimony on Wednesday.

According to Billboard, Murray, who has sat rather composed and stone-faced throughout the prosecution's case, expressed emotion when Ruby Mosley, an elderly woman, testified on his behalf.

"If this man was greedy he never would have come to the community of Acres Home," she said about his work an establishment in the poor community, which was dedicated to the memory of his father, also a doctor.

Murray welled up with tears during her testimony. It was the first time he's been demonstrative.

Four other witnesses testified on his behalf. They were all patients at his cardiology offices in both Houston and Las Vegas. Each patient labeled him a caring doctor as well as a friend.

"The reason I came here to help Dr. Murray is I know his love, his compassion, his feeling for his patients, every one of them and I just don't think he did what he's accused of doing," said Gerry Causey, a former patient who labeled Murray his "best friend." Causey also drive from Utah to California to offer his testimony. Andrew Guest, who is based in Las Vegas, declared, "I'm alive today because of that man. That man sitting there is the best doctor I've ever seen." He said that Murray was detailed when it came to explaining his treatment and that the doctor also phoned him on weekends to check up on him.

However, none of the patients had been treated for a sleep disorder. Murray's biggest faux pas was administering Jackson with propofol to help him sleep. Propofol is dangerous when used outside of hospital settings.

Now that witnesses have been summoned to showcase another side of Murray, the plot thickens.