When Cortez Shaw stepped up to the plate to perform Adele's 'Someone Like You' on 'American Idol,' he stunned the judges. For one, he's a guy. Second, his delivery was nothing like the original tune, and it took a while for Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler to get an idea of what, exactly, he was singing.

But he owned it. Shaw explained in his back story that he grew up in a single parent household and struggled throughout his childhood, but that he came to 'Idol' hoping prove that he's above where he came from and that despite his challenges, he can rise above.

His version of Adele's hit was ... interesting. He was one of many to try their hand at the British soul singer's track, and his quick-and-snappy version didn't leave much to the imagination. But once he hit the chorus, the judges were sold. This kid has something special.

Jackson wanted to know what else he had up his sleeve, and while Shaw didn't get to deliver a second song, all three mentors agreed that he had a voice -- and the looks -- that they just couldn't pass up. With an added pep in his step, he waltzed out of the room, golden Hollywood ticket in hand.

Watch Cortez Shaw Sing Adele's 'Someone Like You' on 'American Idol'