Cory Monteith (aka Finn Hudson from 'Glee') was the guest mentor on this week's episode (June 19) of 'The Glee Project.' That's a big "get" for this spinoff show, but Monteith was more than accommodating and supportive of the hopefuls, one of which will be a castmate next season.

"You have to tap into what makes you feel uncomfortable as a person, so you can bring it to the role," the actor said before the homework assignment and while commenting on the episode's theme, which was vulnerability. He continued, "If it's real for you, it's real for the audience." We couldn't help but wonder if that's why his character's relationship with Lea Michele's Rachel Berry is so believable on the show, since they are a real life couple.

After the homework assignment, which was to sing Kelly Clarkson's 'My Life Would Suck Without You,' Monteith chose the pixie known as Nellie as the winner, since she hit the high notes during the song and went to a place that wasn't comfortable. She was effectively taking Monteith's advice and applying it to her performance. Smart move, Nel!

In his one-on-one with Nellie, Monteith told her that he draws from personal experience when he has to shoot emotional scenes on the show. He dips into events from his past, and thinks of the divorce his parents went through, in order to go "there." Monteith went really deep in order to help Nellie dig deep, since she admitted that doesn't come easy for her. That's what made him a terrific mentor.