Has Cory Monteith ever looked less like Finn Hudson?

Gleeks will have a hard time recognizing the usually clean-cut actor in a new still from one of his final films, released yesterday (Aug. 13).

The late 'Glee' star dons a long wig and hoodie for his role in the crime drama 'McCanick,' premiering Sept. 9 at the Toronto International Film Festival. Monteith plays Simon Weeks, a drug-addicted street hustler who is mysteriously hunted down by a detective while out on parole. Watch a clip of Cory in character below.

Cory's own history of substance abuse helped him shape his role, according to the film's director. "He looked at it as an artistic experience but also something of a cathartic experience," Josh Waller told Us Weekly.

Monteith did get a chance to see the movie's final cut before his shocking lethal heroin and alcohol overdose on July 13. "He sent me a really beautiful email that evening just stating how much excitement he had and how much pride he had on the work that he had done," Waller says.

While Cory's Finn character is being written out of 'Glee,' fans will have one more chance to catch new work of his onscreen: His other final film, 'All the Wrong Reasons,' will also be making its debut at the Toronto festival.