She's baaaack. The Justin Bieber fan who submitted a hilarious parody of his smash single 'Boyfriend,' altering the lyrics to mimic the mind of a stalker as part of his 'Girlfriend' perfume contest, wasn't creatively satisfied simply by twisting The Biebs' song around.

This time, she's done her thing and turned the lyrics and melody of Carly Rae Jepsen's innocuous 'Call Me Maybe' into a psycho anthem.

While her lyrics are funny and well done, "Hey I just saw you / With that lady / Paid for her dinner /That's kind of shady / And all your other friends / Call me crazy / They just don't get us / We're special baby," it's her facial expressions and her all-kinds-of-crazy bugged out eyes that make these videos hang out on the corner of Cute and Crazy. Slowly backing away from the computer...

That said, we love her and how she camps out this close to the edge. She is clearly aware of her own nutty appeal, and we're looking forward to the next psycho ex-girlfriend rendition she offers.

Bring it. We're highly entertained.

The best lyric, though? "I'll be your wife / You'll be my kids' dad."

Watch Justin Bieber Fan Perform Carly Rae Jepsen Parody