When you hear the name Creighton Fraker a year from now, let’s not forget that he got his start on American Idol. He showed the world his ‘True Colors’ tonight as he sang the 1986 hit by artist Cyndi Lauper.

With his uniqueness and offbeat personality, you wouldn’t necessarily guess that Fraker is the son of a preacher man, but he is. The singer started off by giving some insight into his personal life and offering this advice “don’t be ashamed of being a little different.”

He certainly isn’t ashamed as he sat on a stool wearing what can best be described as a fringed Native American vest, choosing to sing a song that the judges would certainly remember, but not necessarily the audience. His risk paid off, as the judges look captivated even as they panned to their faces only halfway through the performance.

Randy Jackson surprisingly started off with the word “Dawg” before he deferred to Jennifer Lopez asking what she thought. Lopez replied with awe saying that “America has their work cut out for them” and contemplated how she couldn’t begin to imagine that half of the contestants that performed tonight would be going home tomorrow. Steven Tyler told Fraker he took the song and “put it over the top.” Jackson then simply shook his head and finished the judges comments with: “Dude, you can definitely sing.” It's safe to say we agree with the judges on this one!

Watch Creighton Fraker Perform 'True Colors' on 'American Idol'