Miami singer Cris Cab warns that 'Good Girls (Don't Grow on Trees)' on his new single featuring rapper Big Sean.

Sean kicks off the song with a short rap that sets the tone: "When good girls gone bad, they gone forever / If she gone with me, then she gone to better / Me without you? That's the longest never / Livin' like sunshine, we on forever."

Co-written by Pharrell Williams, the track opens into a sunny melody that reveals hints of the Caribbean music Cab cites as an influence. The singer tells a story about coming to appreciate having a great lady in his life.

He sings, "Hey man, I've learned my lesson / Got a good girl, count your blessings / Instead of spending them up on sex / And good girls don't grow on trees / I was out in the world just messin' / With the bad girls, getting refreshed and / Got a call from my girl, just left / Good girls don't grow on trees."

'Good Girls (Don't Grow on Trees)' will appear on Cab's debut album, due in September. Cab has spent time in the studio with Wyclef Jean and on stage with O.A.R., and his YouTube page features reggae-influenced covers of songs by Foster the People, Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa.

Listen to Cris Cab, 'Good Girls (Don't Grow on Trees)' Feat. Big Sean