Who is Cris Cab? Cab is a 19-year-old singer from Miami who was discovered on YouTube by Pharrell Williams after posting his acoustic cover of Wiz Khalifa's hit 'Black and Yellow.' Now signed to Pharrell's I Am Other/Mercury imprint and working on his debut album with Wyclef, Cab is well on his way to stardom.

Cab's story of being discovered on YouTube is exactly how Justin Bieber came up in pop music. Although the two share the same boyish good looks, that's where the similarities end.

Cab, who is Cuban-American, brings a hodgepodge of Caribbean, reggae and hip-hop flavor to his musical sound, and, honestly, has a more soulful voice than the Biebs.

Evident of that is on his latest single, 'Good Girls (Don't Grow on Trees), which was co-written by Pharrell and produced by Wyclef. Originally released in 2011 from his 'Foreward' EP, the song gets updated with a fresh verse from G.O.O.D. Music rapper Big Sean.

On the track, Cab sings of breaking his girlfriend's heart and realizing he was wrong. "She helped me get my world intact / She had my heart, I told her that / Now it hurts every time I think about / The very night that I started with acting out / The morning brought a painful sun / Knowing now just what I've done / She always was the better half for sure," he sings.

Big Sean comes through with a verse to help Cab apologize to his ladylove. "Don't believe everything that you see up in a photo / When I'm with you, I wish that time could move slow-mo / The day I met your granny I dreamed about her family / And maybe one day we'll turn that group into a photo," he raps.

Getting Big Sean on the song was a major coup for Cab who has been watching the Detroit rapper's career from the very beginning.

“I’ve always really liked his flow and I’ve been watching him since he was up-and-coming and I just thought that he could put a fun twist on the song and keep the energy up," he tells Complex. “He happened to be in Miami after a show one night and he came by the studio and I got to hang out with him and play him the record and once he said he loved it. I knew he was gonna kill it.”

If you like Cris Cab's new single, then check him out at his artist showcase event in New York at Santos Party House on July 12.

Listen to Cris Cab, 'Good Girls (Don't Grow on Trees)' Feat. Big Sean