If you can't stop singing Cris Cab's catchy, reggae-infused 'Loves Me Not' (we know we can't!), then you're going to want to see this behind-the-scenes look at the making of the video -- and lucky for you, PopCrush has the exclusive premiere!

We've loved Cris Cab's 'Loves Me Not' ever since he performed an acoustic version for us at the PopCrush office, so of course, we were only even more intrigued to get an exclusive BTS look at how the music vid was made. Turns out, there was a lot of champagne and snakes.

"Working with Aggressive is like champagne, champagne, champagne. Snakes! " the 21-year-old singer tells PopCrush of his directing team. "I always want to handle live snakes. They never let me handle live snakes. Even in this video shoot, I got close to the snake. They made me put it down."

Still, the musician couldn't stop gushing about the directing duo and 'Loves Me Not' video.

"Its visually done in a way that tells a story but also leaves a lot open for interpretation, which is something that really drew me to the treatment," he says. "This was definitely a fun one to make."

And we can see why -- especially with a gorgeous blonde model, flowing champagne, and yes, even those snakes.

Go behind the scenes of Cris Cab's 'Loves Me Not' video above!

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