Okay, we'll be honest here, we totally  forgot that Pink was going to be in a movie! But when we found out she's been getting rave reviews for her role in 'Thanks for Sharing,' we couldn't help but feel proud of her - not to mention it reignited our excitement to see the film.

"But a special note must also be made about Pink who is a truly pleasant surprise in her first major screen outing (not counting animated gigs), with her first scene in the film among one of the best in 'Sharing' at large," wrote Indiewire about Pink in their review of the film.

Echoing Indiewire's assessment of Pink's acting abilities (she will actually be credited by 'Pink' in this film) is NPR's Linda Holmes. "Josh Gad ('The Book of Mormon') plays a brand new group participant, a doctor who's there on the order of the court that busted him for rubbing up against women on the subway. (Ew.)," she wrote. "He quickly befriends another new participant, who is delightfully played by Pink — yes, Pink, the singer."

'Thanks for Sharing' also stars Mark Ruffalo and Gwyneth Paltrow (whom the critics were less than impressed by in the film), and is about sex addicts who join a 12-step program. Okay yeah, count us in!

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