While Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner, 85, is probably nuzzling up to a bevy of busty blonde babes to help nurse his broken heart, 25-year-old Crystal Harris (who called off their wedding mere days before it was due to take place), appears to have already moved on. But not with another man. Harris has her heart set on a pop music career and has dropped her single, 'Club Queen,' the same time that "the wedding is off" news broke.

Irony? No. Coincidence? Probably not. Tacky as hell? Um, yeah.

'Club Queen' is accurate title, as it will incite singletons in a crowded dance club -- where bodies are pressed up against one another and drinks are overflowing. It could very well morph into a dark horse dance anthem. It
 doesn't suck for a beginner, but it's not something we haven't heard from, say, Britney Spears a dozen times over and many years ago. Even Brit Brit has graduated from this style.

Over an aggressively lopped beat, the almost Mrs. Hefner sings, "Entertain me / I'm a, I'm a, I'm a club queen / Dance for me / Dance for me." It's frothy, innocuous pop music that, while sweetly sexy, lacks any real spice. We are assuming life at the Playboy mansion isn't suited for 
Harris and that shaking her money maker on the dance floor is.

While Kanye West once declared "I ain't saying she's a gold digger," we sort of are. It's no twist of fate that the single release occurred in tandem with the news of the wedding cancelation. That was not good timing. That was good planning. Just sayin'.

Poor Hef. He will have to deal with Harris' 15-minutes accordingly.

Listen to Crystal Harris, 'Club Queen'