Curtis Grimes is a country boy; But his coach Cee Lo Green wanted him to use his cowboy boots and take a step outside of the country music box with the '80s rock jam 'Addicted Love' on tonight's episode of 'The Voice.' Cee Lo admitted he wanted to sprinkle a little country seasoning over top of this once-popular rock song, and Grimes was the man for the job.

Again, tonight's episode was about taking risks and getting the vocalists to do new and unexpected things. This was the most obvious case of such an endeavor.

When Grimes performed, strumming his guitar and sporting his big-brimmed cowboy hat -- to which Adam Levine commented that he wears the hat, as opposed to the hat wearing him -- he certainly transformed a sexy rock song with his country flair. We can just see his 'Addicted to Love' rendition being performed in stadiums in Texas as easily as hole-in-the-wall dive bars in Missouri!

He was flanked by dancers in the beginning of the song, and while Grimes acknowledged that he was taking a risk, he didn't let up on the raunchy nature of the song. During the final minute of the song, he ditched the guitar in favor of gyrating with one of the scantily-clad dancers.

The coaches kept teasing Grimes about which girl he would be making out with this evening, since he sucked face with the eliminate Emily Valentine during the battle rounds.

Watch Curtis Grimes Perform 'Addicted to Love'