Draaaaama! According to The Boombox, two dancers employed on Lil Wayne's 'I Am Still Music' tour have been axed from the second leg of the trek for conduct unbecoming to Weezy's camp.

The two females were cut from the tour after they allegedly assaulted a waitress at a P.F. Chang's eatery in West Harford, Conn. Weezy is having none of that, apparently, since he contracted them directly. Weezy remains on the up and up after his release from the big house and we applaud him for doing so.

The dancers -- the appropriately named Jennifer Slaughter, 24, and Della Hamby, 26 -- were rehearsing in Connecticut on Tuesday, preparing for the tour, which launched last night. The pair headed to a Chang's for a food break and that's when things got nasty. Apparently, Slaughter and Hamby haggled with their server over the splitting of the bill; the waitress wanted them to inform her about the bill split before they ordered.

The dancing duo actually left without incident, but returned to the premises to retrieve a cell phone that was left behind and that's when the assault allegedly took place. There was hair-pulling, pushing and punching, with Slaughter and Hamby double-teaming the waitress. They were arrested and then charged with third-degree assault and second-degree breach of peace. Those charges aside, the duo lost a pretty plum gig because they allowed tempers to flare. What a shame and waste, as dancing on a Lil Wayne tour is no joke and could have lead to bigger opportunities, too.

The former dancers' cases have been postponed until Aug. 24. They will likely meet with the victim to resolve the matter.

Watch Footage of the Dancers in Court.