A familiar face joined us during the season three blind auditions of 'The Voice,' and no, it's not one of the judges ... or Carson Daly... or Cee Lo Green's cat Mr. Purrfect. It was Daniel Rosa, a 21-year-old from Riverside, Calif. who auditioned for the show in season two.

Last season, while none of the coaches turned their chairs around, they applauded his efforts and maturity after he asked for advice as to what he could do better. The main problem? Pitch. But apparently second time's a charm for Rosa, because he finally got a couple of coaches on his side!

After a throaty and raspy version of Gotye's hit 'Somebody That I Used to Know,' that reminded us a little of Mike Posner, Rosa perked up when both Cee Lo and Blake Shelton turned around. And after the remaining coaches had their chairs turned, and recognizing who was in front of him, Adam Levine ran up to Rosa to give him a big bear hug, leaving Rosa so breathless and stunned, he had to take a seat on the stage.

"I was sitting here saying, 'Damn, someone sounds cool as a [expletive deleted]," said Cee Lo once his vote was locked in. "This show is so crazy because if there was ever a story to tell to not give up on a dream, this is it," added Levine, who looked like he regretted not turning around.

And when it came time for Rosa to finally, finally get the opportunity to choose a team, he was baffled. "Okay, I was not ready for this! I'm totally split down the center," he said before making his choice. "I think I'm gonna have to go with Cee Lo!'