'The Voice' hopeful Daniel Rosa is 20 and showed a fab style, rocking a modernized version of a thoroughly '50s look, which featured a nifty bow tie, greaser hair and nerdy black glasses. But he was a ball of nerves and emotional in his pre-performance interview. This was his first closeup, and he was scared -- and cried.

He sang the Neon Trees song 'Animal' in an interesting, somewhat bluesy voice while the camera continued to pan to his parents in the backstage area, begging for one of the coaches to turn their chairs around for him. That was agonizing to witness as a viewer. Rosa (and his 'rents) immediately broke down when none of them did.

Chistina Aguilera said, "First of all, you are a beautiful singer." She also told him that just because he didn't get a single chair turned around in his favor that did not mean he should give up.

He asked the judges for concrete feedback on his performance so he could make this a true learning experience for himself, wanting to take their criticism and grow. Both Aguilera and Blake Shelton told him that he needed to work on his pitch and his pitch control.

Knowing is half the battle, and Rosa hasn't reached any sort of age limit for reality talent shows, so maybe we will see him again. Take Xtina's and Blake's advice and run with it. You have talent, kid.