Musician Danny Mercer introduced himself to the world with his reggae-tinged 'Who Are You Loving Now?', and now, he's rocking all his jealousy out in the music video for the addictive track.

Mercer, who has written for Nicole Scherzinger, Pitbull and Celine Dion, brings his own raw talent into the light in the 'Who Are You Loving Now?' music vid, a track filled with envy for a lover's new partner.

"Who are you loving now?" Mercer belts out on the chorus with a passion. "Who's taking the little dress off? Who's name are you calling now?"

As Mercer asks the difficult questions on the refrain, the video is filled with clips of him and his band, carefully intertwined with risqué shots of his lover as he vividly remembers the pain and tries to work through his jealousy.

Check out Danny Mercer's 'Who Are You Loving Now?' video above.