'Glee' hunk Darren Criss aka Blaine is going on his first solo tour, dubbed Listen Up. The tour is comprised of 16 dates, which Criss says will take him "all over the place" in the announcement video above.

In addition to embarking on his first trek, the singer and actor revealed, "I have been working on a collection of music for a solo album. It's been hard to get everything together, because of how busy I am with 'Glee' and with 'Star Kid.' But I still have these songs and I really want to share them with people before we put them out into the world."

So expect to hear some new stuff on the tour.

It kicks off in his home city of San Francisco on May 29 and runs through the end of June, wrapping in Maryland. He's going from West to East.

Darren Criss Listen Up Tour:

5/29 - San Francisco, Calif.
5/30 - Los Angeles, Cali.
5/31 - Anaheim, Calif.
6/3 - Dallas, Texas
6/4 - Houston, Texas
6/6 - Nashville, Tenn.
6/7 - Indianapolis, Ind.
6/8 - Chicago, Ill.
6/10 - Minneapolis, Minn.
6/12 - Toronto, Ontario
6/13 - Ann Arbor, Mich.
6/14 - Cleveland, Ohio
6/27 - New York, N.Y.
6/28 - Philadelphia, Pa.
6/29 - Boston, Ma.
6/30 - Silver Spring, Md.