Darren Criss of 'Glee' fame took the stage at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles to deliver a stellar, moving rendition of Sam Cooke's classic 'Bring It On Home to Me' on April 7. Criss ripped through the song as though he were a tried and true, veteran soul singer. He really delivered a believable and fantastic version.

Criss will return to Tuesday nights as his 'Glee' alter ego Blaine this Tuesday (April 10) when the show comes back from its brief winter hiatus. We bet Gleeks watched this video and were envisioning that Criss was really acting as Blaine and singing the song to his beloved boyfriend Kurt during this performance. It wouldn't be the strangest thing in the world, now would it?

The dark-haired hunk really got into it, singing expressively, touching his forehead and using his hands to express himself. He looked casually handsome in an eggplant button down and dark-rinse jeans.

We offer two PopCrush thumbs up on this perf. Criss really brings it ... on home!

Watch Darren Criss Perform Sam Cooke 'Bring It On Home to Me'