We have no issue with Darren Criss' acting skills -- he makes a mighty fine Blaine on 'Glee,' which of course carries over to his Broadway role -- but even the best actors could learn a few things from Harry Potter. In a new interview with MTV, Daniel Radcliffe shared details of his meeting with Criss, which included giving him a little bit of advice.

Criss got his start in 'A Very Potter Musical,' which led to his FOX success and now, his run on the Broadway adaptation of 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.' Criss actually took over the 'How to Succeed' role for Radcliffe, so the two esteemed names have crossed paths in many ways, though they didn't meet until recently. "We have met. I can confirm, we have met," Radcliffe said, though he couldn't provide proof. "Somebody showed me a very doctored photograph of our meeting; there were no photographs at our meeting, so if that's what people are interested in, they're going to be disappointed."

Harry Potter himself explained that he passed on the same advice to Criss which he gave Nick Jonas, who will fill the same part next, and even inducted him into a secret society of sorts. "I had a lovely chat with him, talked about the show, I don't really deign to give advice, but I gave him my number and same with Nick Jonas and said, you know, 'Contact me if you've got anything to ask. I'm always around,'" he quipped. "I passed on a joke to him that Matthew Broderick gave to me which Robert Morse gave to Matthew Broderick. So that's become sort of a legacy joke now, which is nice."

Criss is currently portraying Radcliffe's former role as J. Pierrepont Finch in the musical, though only for a few more weeks. On Jan. 24, Jonas will step in to fill the part through July, while Criss returns to the 'Glee' screen -- those episodes begin airing on Jan. 17.