Much like his co-stars Chris Colfer and Kevin McHale, 'Glee' famer Darren Criss is an avid supporter of the Trevor Project, which aims to help LGBTQ youth by providing a safe place for them to turn when they're struggling. Criss insists that his "decision" to jump on board was an easy one -- he feels honored to be able to help a group that he respects so much.

"After gaining the incredible platform from 'Glee,' it wasn't so much of a decision to get involved as it was an opportunity to take part," the actor, who portrays the openly gay character Blaine Anderson on 'Glee,' tells Variety. "I'll be honest, I'm not so much into the idea of one cause being more important than another; however, I felt that The Trevor Project was a perfect fit for my efforts. It stands for a lot of things that I believe in, as well as falls in line with much of what 'Glee' stands for."

Criss is spot on -- Top 40 covers and juicy drama aside, 'Glee' continually gets a collective pat on the back for bringing real teen issues to the spotlight, as many of the FOX show's characters face inner battles with their sexuality, which in turn helps real teens come to terms with who they are on the inside.

The Trevor Project saves lives, and that's a cause we hope that anyone can get behind. The group's annual Trevor NextGen event is scheduled for Nov. 4 in New York City. To find out how you can get involved, visit The Trevor Project's website by clicking here.