Michael Jackson returns from the dead in a new, totally weird (and slightly offensive) Das Racist music video for their song, 'Michael Jackson.'

The hip-hop trio pays tribute to the late King of Pop in a special way, bringing his character to the screen once again in this new clip. The Jackson remake seems rather goofy, and in his second life run, he's lost just about all of his fly moves.

Das Racist's interesting music video is home to flaming sunglasses, explosions, teleportation, transformation, way-too-hairy chests and dancers from all over the world -- like a 'Where's Waldo?' game for people who do a lot of drugs.

The makeup is meant to mimic M.J.'s 'Black or White' vid, but also gives shout outs to 'The Simpsons' and an old Chris Farley 'SNL' skit. The lyrics unfortunately match the visual, as the group repeats, "Michael Jackson. A million dollars. You feel me? Holler" throughout the entire run.

Understandably, you need something talked about to get people talking about you, and the 'Michael Jackson' video is definitely meant to hype up the release of the new Das Racist album, 'Relax,' which dropped Sept. 13. Given that we're writing about this odd M.J. homage now, we'd say their plan worked just fine.

Watch the Das Racist 'Michael Jackson' Video