Chris Daughtry was a contestant on Season 5 of 'American Idol,' and the chrome-domed singer brought the rock to the show on tonight's elimination episode (March 15). Along with his namesake band Daughtry, Chris performed the emotional, lovesick new single 'Outta My Head.'

The 'Idol' stage is obviously familiar territory and stomping grounds for the singer and he had that place jumping. For a second, Daughtry transported us back to 2006 when he was an active competitor on the show. But we were swiftly returned to the here and the now, since Daughtry the singer and Daughtry the band stand on their own two feet.

It's always refreshing to see a full band perform on 'Idol,' since the program is often criticized for honing in on singers and performers, not musicians or artists. Daughtry proved why he is such a memorable alum, not just from his season, but overall -- that's due in large part to the fact that he is a total package entertainer. He has that impassioned, soulful voice and sings from the bottom of his heart. He is mobile and isn't afraid to rock the hell out while he is letting the music out of him through his throat.

The singer and his band blew it out tonight. Nice job, gents.

Watch Daughtry Perform 'Outta My Head' on 'American Idol'