You know who would make for a really great Saturday Night Live host? Dave Grohl, that's who.

Inspired, perhaps, by Miley Cyrus' recent stint as both host and musical guest on the late-night comedy show, a group of fans (who have dubbed themselves "Grohlies," a name we wish could be forever stricken from the vernacular) got together on the Internet to create a petition with the intention of proving the high demand for Grohl to appear on the show as host.

Their intent is simple: "This as a petition to generate awareness to Lorne Michaels and the executives at NBC and Saturday Night Live so they know that the fans (Grohlies) want Dave Grohl to host SNL with musical guest Foo Fighters."

The petition makes the point that Grohl is the sole musician to appear on the show over 12 times (and appear in numerous skits) without actually hosting.

As a lifelong, fervent fan of Grohl's -- and, admittedly, one who errs on the borderline obsessive side of stan-dom -- I admit I am biased, but SNL really should consider this. Dave Grohl likes to laugh. Dave Grohl likes to make other people laugh. He’s good at it. He’s good at everything. Remember Nirvana?

Whether the petition will carry any weight remains to be seen, but it's nearly reached its goal of 6,000 signatures already -- 5,228 people have signed in favor of Grohl hosting SNL as of today (October 12).

You can head over to iPetition to add your signature, if you are so inclined.

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