Earlier this week, news broke that former 'American Idol' contestant, David Archuleta, had parted ways with Jive Records as well as his management company. Rather than leaving his fans "in the dark" on the matter, Archuleta took to his YouTube channel to deliver a personal message to his loving and loyal fans.

Smiling and in good spirits, the singer spoke from his heart on how much his fans support means to him at this time and the things he has been doing to keep him busy through the transition.

"Jive has been changing as a company," Archuleta continues, as he starts to explain his reasons for leaving Jive. "The President of Sony, Barry Wise, who's also over at Jive Records, he is no longer with the company anymore. He left Sony, and same with my A&R guy. He was the person I would make the albums with."

"A lot of people have been leaving, and there have been a lot of changes," He continues. "As they're changing as a company, I feel like I'm changing as an artist. I'm changing the direction I'm going, too. There were offers that I continue working with them, but it just didn't' feel like the right thing … They helped me get to this point with what I've learned about the music business and how it all works. I just need to go in a different direction now."

Also speaking highly of his former management team, Wright Entertainment Group, Archuleta explains, "I realized this is not where I need to be right now. It's not where I'm supposed to go."

As he brought his video to an end, Archuleta touched on decision making, which he says is something that he has come to realize is very important at this stage in life and in his career.

"It's scary making decisions sometimes," says the 20-year-old. "Sometimes it's like is this the right decision? Am I crazy? But I've learned also through my life that you have to follow your gut."

"I've been excited, and I'm looking forward to the future, and how I will be developing as a person and an artist with my music," he says. "It took me a while to realize, I have control over my life. The decisions I make ... That's what's going to make and break not only my career, but my life, too."

You go David!!!

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