It's always good to see a rapper take videography seriously. Case in point: David Banner and Chris Brown's latest video for new song 'Amazing.' Instead of the usual rap video motif of booty-shaking girls and popping champagne in the club, the duo gets animated in this truly amazing clip.

In the stop-animated video, Banner and Brown's noggins are PhotoShopped on top of action figures as they cruise around town in a convertible looking for plastic Barbie dolls. Sounds like real life, doesn't it?

The dynamic duo spots two fly ladies driving in their car and Banner devises a scheme to get their attention. The rapper goes into the trunk, pulls out a vinyl record (remember those things?) and hurls it at the girls' car tire to cause a flat. As the stranded women cry for assistance on the side of the road, in come Banner and Brown in their car to scoop up the chicks and give them a ride.

The video also features a cameo from the late Michael Jackson … as a doll, of course. Breezy challenges the King of Pop to a dance battle and judging by the two performances, it's obvious who won that contest. Hee-hee! Shamone!

David Banner's 'Amazing' video is fun to watch and shows that if artists put some thought into it, they too can produce a wildly-creative music video. Rappers please take note.

Watch David Banner, 'Amazing' Video Feat. Chris Brown