Rapper-producer David Banner has ignited a firestorm of controversy with his new single 'Swag.' The Mississippi native is criticizing Kreayshawn for the use of the N-word (for the record, it's Kreayshawn's friend V-Nasty who proudly uses the racial epithet) and the lack of creativity in hip-hop.

"The homies is busting slugs / The women is shaking a-- / A white girl call us n---a and we just sit back and laugh / We call it swag," Banner spits on the track's chorus.

Over a beat that sounds like something Lil B would rap over, Banner is preaching to the choir as he condemns rappers for their lyrical content. He warns, "It's only right that I tell 'em / Don't buy in to everything that these rappers are sellin' / Thinking that they are winning but they are only failing."

Some have criticized Banner for being a hater, however, he does make some valid points. Clearly, the creativity in hip-hop has been downgraded to corny rhymes over some catchy beats. While the majority of rap is not all like that, it's enough for Banner to be concern, and we don't blame him. The allure of quick money and fame seems to have watered down much of what we are hearing in today's rap music.

Banner later rhymes on the song, "Is anybody on the next level with me? / I'm hearing n----s dissing God y'all think it's witty / I ain't laughin' / We don't play in Mississippi / Even when I was broke / Selling my soul wasn't tempting."

Do you agree with David Banner's sentiments about Kreayshawn? Are today's rappers selling their souls just to get paid? Sound off in the comments below.

Listen to David Banner, 'Swag'