A few weeks ago, David Bowie announced his 25th studio album Blackstar, not due for release until early January 2016. The announcement also helped lay to rest some vigorous rumors about the album's sound and content.

Today, Bowie has shared a trailer for the title track's accompanying short film, which follows the two-minute clip of the track that he released on Tuesday. The film, directed by Johan Renck, is scheduled to premiere next Thursday (November 19) at 3:50pm EST (oddly specific) on Palladia. The film will air on the same day at Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn, NY.

The trailer begins with some dreamlike yet ominous sounding strings and guitar and it features a woman walking through a sandy, semi-ruined village. She eventually comes upon a jewel-covered skull just before Bowie's vocals cut in and the music transforms into a spastic drum beat.

We then see two men—one white, one black—on their knees in what looks to be some kind of wooden attic, their bodies spasming either in pain or in dance (or maybe both). The scene quickly cuts to a brief shot of three people hung like scarecrows in a wheat field at night, before jumping again to the most important visual yet: David Bowie himself.

When Bowie appears, the setting of the scene seems to have changed to dusk/daytime, the sun just begin to appear over the singer's right shoulder. Bowie holds up a tattered book with a bold black star emblazoned on the front cover.

The trailer concludes with the image of a dark blue cavern, a strange figure nestled back among the sharp rocks, and an eclipse in the background. Superimposed on this image is a black star with the tagline "Coming 19 November." Watch above.

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