David Cook once again returned to his old 'American Idol' stomping grounds, this time to deliver an energetic performance of his new single 'The Last Goodbye.' The song is the first taste of his upcoming sophomore album 'This Loud Morning.'

The season seven 'Idol' champion previously turned up on this year's show about a month ago to perform a version of the Simple Minds classic 'Don't You (Forget About Me),' but this time he was eager to show this year's contestants how far he'd come with his own music.

Dressed in a dark suit and strumming on an oversized white guitar - or maybe he's slightly undersized, or some combination of the two - Cook confidently delivered the upbeat song's melancholy goodbye:  "I don't want to lose you / Leave you with a broken heart / But wherever we are / We're miles apart / I know that we tried / But this is the last goodbye."

You can read more about 'The Last Goodbye' in the song review we published earlier today, and look for 'This Loud Morning' in stores on June 28. David will no doubt spend some part of the time between now and then regretting introducing his mother to 'Idol' judge Steven Tyler following his performance.

Watch David Cook perform 'The Last Goodbye' on 'American Idol'