David Guetta is continuing his reign as the DJ who releases the catchiest songs, and his next single 'I Can Only Imagine' featuring Chris Brown and Lil Wayne is no different. The three stars filmed the video on six -- yes you read that right, six -- different sets and even used face mapping technology to get the futuristic feel.

“David Guetta actually has this control room that’s made out of all holograms. It kinda feels like 'Minority Report,'" said director Colin Tilley. "It’s just got a really crazy vibe and he’s controlling everything that’s happening in his world. He’s controlling these dancers that are going crazy, he’s controlling Chris Brown in this room with this mask on.”

In the behind the scenes clip for the video, you can catch Lil Wayne performing his verse in front of a glowing skateboard ramp complete with skateboarders gliding up and down the ramp. On the other side, there's Brown donning a pretty sick light up suit as he performs his dance scene. “It looks very surreal from a whole other planet,” continued Tilley. It's just a shame we have to wait until July 2 to see the video in its entirety.

Watch Behind the Scenes of 'I Can Only Imagine'