French DJ David Guetta is a certifiable hit machine, cranking out of-the-moment dance-pop smashes that the club can't even handle . He's just premiered the lyric video for one of his best songs, the Nicki Minaj collaboration 'Turn Me On.'

The song sees Nicki showing off some Autotuned-to-death-but-we-don't-even-care club-candy vocals in addition to her typically magnificent rap stylings, and a rainbow-bright aesthetic for the slick lyric video completes the package.

More colorful than a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper, the lyric vid reminds us of the profundity of the song's words. "I'm too young to die / Come on and turn me on," Minaj urges over the thundering club beat, reminiscent of Guetta's earlier smash with Rihanna, 'Who's That Chick.' We can't hold it against Nicki for getting a little dramatic about the urgency of her lust — we all have needs, right?

When she's not demanding that you turn her on, Minaj has been super-busy having her life turned into an actual Barbie doll. We know what's on our Christmas list this year...

Watch David Guetta and Nicki Minaj's Lyric Video for 'Turn Me On'