David Guetta has released his new video for the Sia-assisted 'Nothing but the Beat' track 'Titanium,' which focuses on a boy with supernatural powers.

The movie-like clip starts off with the young student, played by 'Super 8' star Ryan Lee, at school, looking confused as he's surrounded by papers and destruction. He makes his way out of the building, passing a shocked teacher on the phone. As a policeman arrives, the boy is well on his way, running for his life.

He heads home and sees a news report about the incident, causing him to quickly gather his things to flee. The authorities arrive, and the boy's superpowers go into effect as a form of defense. He manages to escape the house, but is soon found and pursued through the woods. Things come to a head at the end when a S.W.A.T. unit has the kid cornered, but in the end, he ultimately triumphs.

While neither Guetta nor Sia appear in the video, the song provides a thrilling soundtrack for the imagery. 'Titanium' serves as the fourth official single from 'Nothing but the Beat,' after originally being released as a promotional song for the album in August.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Guetta admitted that 'Titanium' is one of two songs that he thinks are "really, really special." In addition to his smash hit 'Without You,' the DJ/producer singled out 'Titanium' "because they're so emotional."

Watch the David Guetta 'Titanium' Video Feat. Sia