David Guetta and Usher are getting fans pumped for their upcoming video for their collaborative track 'Without You,' which is featured on Guetta's latest LP 'Nothing but the Beat.' The duo have released a behind-the-scenes video and a teaser clip for 'Without You,' which was filmed on location in Lisbon, Portugal.

In the behind-the-scenes footage from the 'Without You' video shoot, Guetta explains the concept behind the clip, which was shot straight through an 18-hour period. Guetta and Usher can be seen performing for a crowd gathered on the beach, who are waving flags from different countries.

"The concept is every continent is going back together and it's like one big party and there's no more different continents and there's no more different colors," Guetta says of the video plot. "We're all the same and we're all together and it's about the love and music." The French DJ was actually going to use this idea for another video, but decided to save it for this particular track.

Usher -- who dons an afro fade haircut, a denim jacket and shorts on set -- also speaks about the video in between takes of him dancing in front of a green screen. The R&B vocal powerhouse tells the camera, "When we talked about doing the record together, I remember [David] saying, 'I want it to be something where you're so happy but you're crying at the same time in the middle of the dancefloor because of the emotion and also the excitement.'"

The 'Without You' teaser actually shows some of the footage that will appear in the video, including the beach party scene that is shown in the BTS clip. Usher is also pictured singing amongst the masses as cracks begin developing in walls and cobblestone streets, looking as if they are going to explode at any moment with the positive energy 'Without You' provokes.

Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Footage of David Guetta and Usher's 'Without You' Video

Watch the David Guetta and Usher 'Without You' Video Teaser