David Guetta gave partiers in Ibiza a taste of his upcoming album 'Nothing But the Beat' when he played a new track featuring Usher called 'Without You.'

Usher was present for the premiere, but he chose not to sing and instead joined Guetta on stage to fire up the crowd as the recording played.

"You're not allowed to film and put it on the internet," Guetta warned before playing the track, a comical request since dozens of cameras were already in the air. "Yes you are, f--- it!," he added.

The song captures Guetta's distinct dance sound but is more mellow than most of the DJ's work. The track starts off like a ballad, as Usher sings "I will never be the same without you, without you," before the club-ready beat finally kicks in.

The performers shot off cannons of smoke and had fans waving their hands in the air like they just didn't care. Check out the video of the Ibiza debut of 'Without You' below, and watch closely for Taio Cruz and Ludacris, who were on hand to perform their new Guetta collaboration, 'Little Bad Girl.'

In addition to Usher, Cruz and Ludacris, the star-studded 'Nothing But the Beat' is expected to feature Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Hudson, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown.

Watch David Guetta and Usher Debut 'Without You' in Ibiza