Deadmau5 has made his feelings about Justin Bieber pretty clear, deeming him a "f---ckbag" during a past Twitter rant. Now, it looks like a recent video interview where Bieber talks about his current single with Skrillex and Diplo's collaborative electronica outfit, Jack U, set him off once more.

The New York Times published an interview yesterday (August 25) in which all three artists speak separately about the creative process behind “Where Are U Now?” Deadmau5, however, was not happy with Bieber’s contribution to the discussion. Bieber said, “It’s expensive, you know what I mean? Its like, the sounds that are used are not cheap. They’re very expensive sounding sounds."

Admittedly, it's not the most articulate thing Bieber could've said about the track (or anything at all). But Deadmau5 took it to another level, mocking Bieber pretty excessively. He tweeted, in part, "SO EXPENSIVE. you dont even want to know how much my sounds cost. f---king crazy. moving air isnt f---kin cheap. id like to take this opportunnity [sic] for the fans who made rich as f---k so i can make expensive expensive sounds."

Considering how many he's participated in recently, Twitter diatribes really seem to fuel Deadmau5. Not only did he air his grievances about the Jack U track ("what the f---k is this shit?"), but he also went into a full-fledged attack against Skrillex, after Skrillex called him an asshole in an interview. Deadmau5 claimed he didn't "really give a f—k tbh," and then posted a succession of tweets indicating the exact opposite.

Bieber has yet to respond.

Are you Team Deadmau5? Team Bieber? Team no one?

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