Deadmau5 released the video for 'The Veldt,' and anyone with two eyes -- okay, even one eye - would gather that the DJ (real name Joel Zimmerman) drew inspiration from everyone's favorite gut wrenching Disney film 'The Lion King.' When Deadmau5 premiered the instrumental version three months ago, he said he was inspired by a short story written by Ray Bradbury in the 1950s.

Once the instrumental version hit the internet, fan Chris James wound up rubbing the DJ the wrong way, and Zimmerman "lauded" him in a rant on Tumblr. Uh, doesn't he know the first rule of Tumblr is not to talk about it? We digress. Anyway, lyrics were eventually added to 'The Veldt,' along with fan James' vocals, and tada!

The video that goes along with 'The Veldt' is a literal interpretation of Bradbury's story, which follows two children who become engrossed in the world they create using their imagination. But to us, it looks like 'The Lion King,' and we're just waiting for Rafiki to lift a baby Simba up to show him off to all of the other animals. Mufasa's death not included.

Watch Deadmau5's Video 'The Veldt'