Pop stars of the world are scrutinized.... a lot. So it's no wonder every now and again they need to tell people to mind their own bee's wax and accept their behavior as is.

Even though they are in the spotlight all the time, by no means are they perfect. They are people too, ya know! We would imagine that some stars would use words a little more harsh than "deal with it" but we can't exactly so those in this venue.

For your viewing pleasure, we've scoured the Internet to find the best GIFs of Kanye West, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and and more putting on their finest pair of shades and telling everyone to just go ahead and... deal with it!

AJ McClean, what did you tell people when they were upset you dressed in drag?

Some people say they hate 'Glee.' Thoughts Darren Criss? 

What does Justin Bieber say to people who think he shouldn't be hosting 'SNL'?

And you, Kanye? You had an awful lot of haters when you wore that leather skirt and pants...

Lady Gaga, some people say you are just a Madonna copy-cat...

You don't eat meat, Lea Michele?! Why? That's absurd!

Our dear, Michael Jackson. People try to discount your impact on music because of your personal life. Thoughts?

Hey, Louis! There isn't any room for you on this couch!

Rihanna, you party too much and  you have your boobs out 24/7.

Snoop Dogg, we've heard rumors that some think Snoop Lion is a dumb name.

 Will Smith! You're only allowed to wear one pair of sunglasses in here!

And Seal, what are your thoughts on all this?