Deandre Brackensick sang 'Endless Love' on tonight's episode of 'American Idol' (March 14), which was a stylistic shift from his reggae turn last week. Looking spiffy in a white suit and his signature curls making a statement, Brackensick chose this song since a Mariah Carey-Luther Vandross version was released in 1994, the year he was born. For this episode, the hopefuls were allowed to sing tunes from their year during which they made their entrance on earth. This ballad wasn't Brackensick's first choice, but ...

... He has shown that he can sing anything. The good news is that Brackensick has a honeyed voice and sang beautifully. But it was a little bit boring and quite safe. It wasn’t over-the-top and it wasn't believable. He wasn't feeling it and you could tell. The falsetto didn’t come out, either, and he fell flat. As we learned in the pre-performance package, the song was foisted on him by mentors Jimmy Iovine and, who talked him out of singing another song.

The judges felt this was the wrong tune for him. Brackensick said he was "dreading" this performance since his list of song choices wasn't that appealing. Ryan Seacrest noted that it was an interesting turn of phrase, though, since DB is known for that full head of unruly hair. It wasn't "dreadful," yet it wasn't his best work, either.

Watch Deandre Brackensick Perform 'Endless Love' on 'American Idol'