Good news for Debby Ryan fans! She and her band the Never Ending are about to start writing and recording for their next album. It looks like they're in the process, anyway. They recently tweeted about the eventual release, letting fans know that they're sorry for the delay but they know how anxious everyone is to hear new music -- and that they're definitely working on it.

How are they getting their inspiration, exactly? A roadtrip across the country, naturally. They tweeted about taking some minimal belongings with them and hitting the road. Not gonna lie, we're completely jealous. You can check out those tweets below!

If you're just hearing about the band, you can check out their EP 'One' on iTunes. We're super excited for what the band has in store for us, though there's no word yet on when exactly new music will be released. In the meantime, you can check out the Never Ending's cover of 'Santa Baby' posted above -- it's totally fun and totally holiday appropriate.

How excited are you guys for new music from Debby?