Disney star Debby Ryan, who rose to fame playing Bailey Pickett on 'The Suite Life on Deck,' has dropped her brand-new single 'We Ended Right.' Along with Ryan's vocals, the single also gets some rap verses courtesy of Chad Hively and Debby's brother, Chase Ryan.

The melancholy song begins with a steady guitar strumming, before an unexpected rap verse kicks in: "I step back / Take a look in your direction / Seeing the reflection / The same single man / That had taken you for granted / Like water in the desert / I didn’t think you had it."

We are confused. If this relationship 'Ended Right,' then why is everyone that is performing during this song so sad and regretful? Maybe they should've called it 'We Ended Wrong and I Really Miss You So I'm Gonna Write a Bad Song About How I Feel.'

In addition to the song's conflicting message, Ryan's vocals are nowhere near spectacular, as she sings "woah, oh" in a register that she clearly can't reach. Her voice also gets very nasally on the digitally-treated chorus: "Please refrain from opening skies / Your time came with the rain / But now it’s dry / It’ll take more than just time / We ended right as you cut the sides / With knives of lies."

The beat also falls short, with a generic melody that reminds us of a cheesy lovesick late '90s song with some synth thrown in there for good measure. Overall, we aren't really digging this tune. Maybe next time, Deb!

Listen to Debby Ryan, 'We Ended Right'