‘Degrassi’ star Andre Kim, who plays Winston Chu on the popular Canadian teen drama, has come under fire for some immensely offensive comments he made during a recent livestream that was recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

While playing video games online, Andre went above and beyond your standard 18-year-old swear words, and straight into totally out-of-line language. You can check out the video of Andre posted above, but be warned: There is a fair amount of NSFW language spanning the length.

He has been called out by fans for using gay, racist and ableist slurs as well as repeatedly using the word "rape." After receiving a fair amount of backlash online, Andre posted an apology on Twitter, telling fans “It won’t happen again.” You can read the full apology below.

But Andre’s Twitter apology has proven to not be sufficient enough for fans, who took things into their own hands by tweeting 'Degrassi' producer Stephen Stohn in an attempt to bring the incident to his attention.

Stephen responded to the situation on Twitter, saying, "Blunt and serious discussions are ongoing.” You can check out his tweets below.