British band Deluka have perfected the sound of electropop. This is a fact that is clearly evident in their newest track, 'Dead of Night' -- and PopCrush has the exclusive premiere of the song. Check it out above!

"In the dead of night, we make mistakes / We push each other until we break down," frontwoman Ellie Innocenti sings on the chorus, amid an electronic beat reminiscent of '80s Madonna. "With ragged word of love and hate, deep down we know it's not over / It's not over."

"'Dead of Night' is about an argument where you come to the realization that you've kind of forgotten the root of the problem. You start to think, 'This is going to destroy us if I don't let it go,'" Innocenti tells PopCrush. "There is also something mysterious about night that heightens your emotions, makes everything seem more intense. That's what I wanted to capture."

And we think she does so perfectly, blending the tune with a heavy drum beat and a retro vibe that totally evokes that late-hour, midnight feeling -- like something is just on the verge of blowing up... kind of like the band itself.

Listen to the exclusive premiere of Deluka's 'Dead of Night' here, and snag a copy of their upcoming EP, 'BONDS,' when it drops on June 23. You can download their latest single, 'Home,' on iTunes here.