Demi Lovato has readily and willingly embraced her role model status as she embarked on a press tour after her treatment for issues with self-harm and food. While it warms her heart to help her fans face their own issues, she did not go headlong into this process feeling great about it.

"It's hard to open up when you're embarrassed of the problems that you had," she said in a recent video interview with AP while in Europe. "I was very vulnerable when I spoke about these issues, but I knew it could possibly help someone, so I did it. I am proud of myself."

And you should be, Demz. It takes a lot of courage to lay your cards face up on the table, for the whole world to take a peek at, but you did it.

She sees the positive effect of her choice to be so open, despite the personal discomfort at first. Fans never pass up the chance to tell her that she has inspired them to seek help. "It just blows my mind when people say that to me," Lovato revealed about her reaction to fans saying they sought support because of her. "I never thought I would be in a position to help somebody with a problem that I struggled with myself."

Lovatics are lucky to have Demi in their corner.

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