Calling all Lovatics! More details are coming out about Demi Lovato's upcoming new album.

The 'Really Don't Care' singer has already revealed some awesome deets about her new record, but her manager is also speaking out about the upcoming tunes.

“She’s finishing up right now on the last leg of her touring for this year, and we finish it up with a couple of radio shows,” Demi's manager Phil McIntyre revealed to Billboard. “Then the plan is for her to go back into the studio and start the next creative process. She’s already done some songs, but certainly the majority of it will kick off next year.”

Ken Bunt, the president of Disney Music Group (which runs Demi's label Hollywood Records) also told Billboard: “We’re really excited. We’ve got a new album coming from her next year. We’re not talking about release dates yet. And she’s going to continue her world tour throughout next year.”

They may not be talking release dates just yet, but 2015 is good enough for us! And in the meantime, we're insanely impressed with Demi's dedication and hardcore tour schedule.

“I think she’s one of the handful of the music stars in the industry right now,” Bunt continued. “There’s not a lot of people who could go do two arena tours [in one year] anymore, and she’s one of them."

He's got that right!

Lovatics, how pumped are you for Demi Lovato's upcoming new album?

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