Lovatics really worship Demi Lovato. The singer is currently on tour down in South America and she had a bit of a run in with fans in Venezuela on Sunday (April 15) that caused her to tweet about the craziness that has surrounded her visit.

Lovato, whose long, lush locks are her signature, even though the color has been changing with great frequency as of late, was the victim of a hair pull in the country. Even though she had a copious security detail -- she mentioned a mess of bodyguards totaling at 17, which could have been accurate or an exaggeration -- she still had her hair pulled. That's the price of fame, Demz. Your fans want a piece of you, even if they just touch you or manage to snag one of your strands.

Even though she had her hair pulled, which always hurts, and understood that the fans just wanted to get a little closer to her, she was not mad at their actions. In fact, she tweeted about her love for the fans in Venezuela. She later posted about how beautiful the country is. So a little hair yank didn't ruin her experience with the country.

Check out Lovato's tweet about her experiences in Venezuela.