Looks like a certain website got their Demis mixed up!

While actress Demi Moore has just entered treatment to deal with health and exhaustion issues, her name-sharing fellow actress and singer Demi Lovato has not done the same. Lovato has not returned to a treatment facility and does not have a drug problem.

GossipCop got the scoop straight from Lovato's rep, who called the report that her client was back in rehab and receiving treatment, which was generated by BlindGossip and then started to spread, "a crock of s---."

BlindGossip claimed that Lovato had been admitted to Passages, which is an in-patient addiction treatment center in Malibu, Calif. The teen queen has become a role model after bravely entering rehab to deal with emotional and physical issues and how beautifully she handled herself when she was released in January 2011. She wasn't afraid to address things and share her story, and she was a sounding board for other teens dealing with similar issues.

However, the site also indicated she had a relapse, that she was hitting the hard stuff and that she was being "treated for alcohol addiction and addiction to drugs, most notably cocaine." The site suggested Lovato would be a resident for a few weeks and then transition to out-patient care.

That's a lot of details for something that's a "crock of s---."

Lovato has worked so hard in her recovery, so we are glad to hear she is doing fine. Shame on the media outlets who are trying to take her down with stories such as this.