Almost two hours. That's how long Demi Lovato sits in hair and makeup for 'X Factor' shoots. Jesus, how does she find the time to judge all the talent that hits the stage when she has a glam squad and army of people attending to her hair, skin, nails and more? Well, the singer users her time in the makeup chair to relax. And then again, she's a young pop star who needs to look good anytime the camera fixates on her.

"I'm in hair and makeup for an hour and a half to two hours because I like to do my makeup and relax at the same time," the 'Give Your Heart a Break' singer said about her beauty routine. "I don't like to feel rushed. And we like to change up my look. Sometimes we'll go really natural, and sometimes really edgy." Given the gamut of looks Lovato has rocked over the past year, she and her beauty team know what they are doing.

She recently shared her intense beauty regimen with Allure, explaining why she is constantly changing her hair and more. Wanna know Lovato's beauty secrets? She breaks 'em down for you.

On her hair: If you can pull off blue, you've "made it," according to Demz, who said, "I love changing my hair a lot — I think it's fun. I used to always want to dye my hair blue and purple and pink when I was younger. But I was busy trying to make it in the industry as an actress, and it was hard to go in for auditions with blue hair. And so when I heard of the dip dye trend, I loved it, and felt like I could finally dye my hair blue. You know you've made it when you can dye your hair blue."

On caring for her color-treated locks: Deep conditioning is the trick! "I use a Wella hair mask and leave it on for five minutes. And I wait as long as I can before I need to wash my hair. I think that's the best thing girls can do for their hair because washing it a lot makes your scalp really dry," she said.

On her facial skincare routine: Here's her rundown. She said, "I get a facial once every three months from this place called Blue Medi Spa. And I drink a lot of water. But the most important thing is not sleeping in my makeup. I like the Neutrogena face wipes and the Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub. Then I use a toner from Mario Badescu. And I moisturize with Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer. I also use night creams from Mario Badescu."

On spray tans: Only in the summer, baby, does she rock a sun-kissed glow. She said, "I get spray tans in the summer when I'm on tour or have red carpet things where I need color really fast. But I don't like spray tans because when I work out, it gets white around the sports bra area when I sweat. And it gets streaky. It's just not cute." No, it's not. But you are, Demi!

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